About Us

We are the Team which are going to Embed all High Definition videos from Different websites on the one place to provide a plat-form for online video watch.
Yes! we are From Pakistan who are working behind Engrz Videos and we hope that we will make you happy with High Definition contents on Engrz. We are welcome all our users, volunteers, contributors to please share their favourite videos, songs, and stuff they like. so that we can place, embed it on DailymotionHD.
Here we want to clear that we are not streaming our own videos on this place, we are just embedding the videos from different website which allows video embedding, we are not crossing any copyright laws and contents. we are properly embedding videos from authorize videos, anyone who has issue with any video can complain here by using contact us form, but we are not the original streamers.

anyone can contact us for any reason by Clicking Here.